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 Vijay Eswaran on Embracing Growth as a Leader

What if you could lead a life of purpose and meaning? What if you could find your passion, and put it into practice? Leadership is the key to unlocking this power. And we all know what it takes to be a great leader. You must be able to motivate and inspire your people, be strong enough to stand up to authority, and can develop winning relationships. But how do you create this environment for success? This is where the four pillars of leadership come in. Vijay Eswaran advocates the need to properly apply all the pillars required for leadership for you to earn the leader title. There have been several leaders globally who have led great initiatives. Among them, we have the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. It is important to understand that while some individuals may be born with the leadership traits, others may have to take follow the application route. A proper application of the pillars will assure them of attaining the position they desire.

Leaders display a sense of ownership

Leaders must be able to take ownership of their initiatives. They must be willing to put in the extra effort to achieve success. Leaders know what they’re fighting for, and they are not going to let anyone stand in the way of their goals.

Leaders need to engage in empowerment

One of the most important traits for a great leader is to empower their people as per Vijay Eswaran. They must be able to motivate them, give them direction, and can develop winning relationships. Without this empowerment, leaders will struggle to achieve their goals.

The purpose should be a key driver for leaders

You don’t have to be born with a leadership trait to lead a successful life. You can lead with a purpose if you understand it is of greater good than yourself. Mahatma Gandhi embraced his life as a message to the people. His nobility was driven by the purpose of getting the right message to the people.

Leaders display care

Leadership is all about caring about your people as shared by Vijay Eswaran. Leaders must have the ability to develop and nurture a positive relationship with their workforce. Leaders who care about their team members will always succeed.

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