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The Colcom Foundation: Transforming Society through Sustainable Philanthropy

The Colcom Foundation, established in 1996, has become a pioneering force in sustainable philanthropy, focusing on issues related to environmental conservation, sustainable agriculture, and immigration. The foundation’s unwavering commitment to promoting long-term solutions and fostering positive change has made it a transformative presence in society.

Origin and Mission

The foundation was founded by Cordelia Scaife May, an American philanthropist and environmentalist. As a passionate advocate for the environment and social justice, May sought to address pressing challenges by supporting initiatives that prioritize environmental conservation, sustainable food production, and responsible immigration policies. The foundation takes its name from the shortened version of May’s full name, “Col and Com,” emphasizing her dedication to collective efforts and promoting common interests.

Environmental Conservation

The foundation has been a staunch supporter of environmental conservation efforts. It has funded numerous projects aimed at protecting ecosystems, preserving biodiversity, and combating climate change. Colcom Foundation supports several special programs, including the Conservation Catalyst Fund, which grants conservation organizations working to protect threatened species and habitats. The foundation has collaborated with various organizations to safeguard critical habitats, promote sustainable land use practices, and raise awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship.

Sustainable Agriculture

Recognizing the significance of sustainable agriculture in ensuring food security and reducing environmental impact, the Colcom Foundation has actively supported initiatives that promote responsible farming practices. It has funded research and development projects focused on sustainable farming techniques, organic agriculture, and the preservation of heirloom seeds. By investing in sustainable agriculture, the foundation aims to create a more resilient and equitable food system.


The Colcom Foundation has also been at the forefront of advocating for fair and humane immigration policies. It supports organizations working towards comprehensive immigration reform, immigrant integration, and protecting the rights of marginalized communities. Through its funding, the foundation aims to foster understanding, promote social cohesion, and contribute to building inclusive societies.

The Foundation’s profound impact on society can be attributed to its steadfast dedication to addressing critical issues through sustainable philanthropy. By supporting environmental conservation, sustainable agriculture and advocating for just immigration policies, the foundation has played a crucial role in promoting positive change. Through its visionary approach and strategic partnerships, the Foundation continues to inspire and empower individuals and organizations to work towards a more sustainable and equitable future. Refer to this article to learn more.


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