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The Colcom Foundation: Making Preservation A Life’s Goal

Taking care of the world around us takes more than the will to do so. It takes drive and determination to pull together the people and resources needed to make an impact. The Colcom Foundation is doing exactly that. This organization is using its influence to make great changes in and around Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

The Colcom Foundation has several projects that benefit the citizens in Fayette, Lawrence, and several other counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Much of their contributions bolster conservation and environmental causes.

One project, the Hollow Oak Land Trust, has over 700 acres in and around the Pittsburg Airport Corridor. Hollow Oak has been in operation for 30 years, working with landowners to preserve and restore natural spaces and wildlife habitats so that they can continue to be enjoyed in the years to come.

Through their support organizations like Protect PT (Penn-Trafford) are pushing through to protect the legal rights of those living in Alleghany and Westmoreland counties. Their efforts began in 2014, and since then have educated those citizens in the harmful effects of fossil fuel activities in their areas.

The Colcom Foundation has many humanitarian efforts at work as well. Guardian Angels Medical Services dogs helps to pair veterans with the service animals they need. The foundation is also a supporter of the Red Cross Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Trying to choose between living and conservation should not be the hard choice it has become. The way of the future is not just through technology, but in ensuring that the wetlands and forest are still there for everyone to enjoy. Getting the public involved in their community means that they need to be educated in what is happening in their community. Then they can be taught how to help solve the issues and prevent others. Fortunately, the Colcom Foundation is leading by example. Visit this page for related information.


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