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Sports Illustrated CEO Ross Levinsohn

Maven and Sports Illustrated

Ross Levinsohn Sports Illustrated Media announced in 2019 that their new CEO, Ross Levinsohn, had also been named the CEO of the media printing company known as The Arena Group (formerly Maven) in 2020. Sports Illustrated is owned by Authentic Brands Group and is licensed to The Arena Group.

Ross Levinsohn’s Strategy

The seasoned media executive chose the move to include Parade Media Group, another magazine company, to Arena Group. Such an addition was purposed to categorize content for consumers with diverse interests, be it lifestyle, sports, or finance. In branding, the Sports Illustrated CEO insists that building strong consumer recognition is key.

A keen focus is put on the brands under their stable to ensure they are iconic and easily recognized. This serves a great purpose as it leaves room for future growth in upcoming areas for Arena Group, such as gambling, commerce, and podcasting.

Entrepreneurial Environment In Arena Group

The Sports Illustrated CEO grows his brands by enhancing and surrounding them with entrepreneurial publishers and strategic partners who increase the general quality of their content through their experience with audiences. He is confident in their robust content model as he assures that their way of efficiently expanding relevant content is one of the best.

His ideologies align with those of Arena Group, to focus on content that is category-specific as well as hosting and acquiring sites that fit into the sports and finance categories.

About Ross Levinsohn

The New York-born Sports Illustrated CEO has had various important roles in huge companies. From 2010 to 2012, he was head of Global Media at Yahoo, was CEO of Tribune Interactive from 2017 to 2018, and was Senior Advisor at Boston Consulting Group from 2016 to 2017, to name a few.

He has also been part of media companies such as Fox Interactive, HBO, and CBS Sportsline. Mr. Ross acquired his B.A. in Communications from the American University.