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Raffaele Riva: An Experienced Global Financial Services Professional

International businessman Raffaele Riva is the founder as well as the co-owner of the international financial management firm AUREA Multi Family Office. The firm provides wealthy clients from all around the world with customized financial services. Using AUREA and several of its subsidiaries, Raffaele Riva and the financial experts on his staff handle trusts, properties, investments, assets, taxes, wealth, real estate and trusts in countries worldwide for both corporate clients as well as rich individuals.

The subsidiaries of AUREA are found in Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

A Unique Vision

When he created the AUREA Multi-Family Group, he had a specific vision in mind. It was designed to act as an advisor and facilitator for his wealthy clients. The goal was to be able to provide the most customized and highest quality financial services. To do this, the company uses a network of international tax specialists, tax attorneys, hedge funds, mutual funds, fund managers, asset managers, investors, and international banks. They serve the wealthy, as well as alternative and traditional investors by offering lucrative financial products they have developed.

A Solid Business Background

With a background in international transactions, international business logistics, mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing, estate planning and wealth management, Raffaele Riva has worked with corporations in both Italy and the United Kingdom as a specialist in accounting and auditing. Plus, he worked with a multinational conglomerate as a senior executive in South Africa, South America, Central Americs, Europe and Canada. His degrees in Economics and Business have helped.

His ability to identify fresh global trends, innovative business ideas, ambitious entrepreneurs and emerging industries has enabled him to launch several startups, invest in others and mentor young entrepreneurs. Riva’s goal is to use his diverse skills to serve his clients and help ensure they are successful. Refer to this article for additional information.


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