Couple Akeem Jamal

New Job at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation for Akeem Jamal

Shelton J. Haynes, CEO of Roosevelt Island, has appointed Akeem Jamal to the position of assistant vice president of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation for communication and government relations. Jamal has a bachelor’s degree in Communications and media studies from Fordham University and a master’s degree in business administration from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business. Jamal has a distinguished record of service to the public, which makes him the perfect choice to help boost the public profile of Roosevelt Island. Census 2020, an initiative to increase 2020 Census participation and highlight the need to involve everyone, was one of several initiatives he undertook while working for Mayor Spano.

Thanks to Jamal Akeem, Yonkers is now the third biggest city in New York State. Jamal assisted Mayor Spano in publicizing the Rebuild Yonkers Schools program, which aimed to raise $2 billion, after which the campaign helped build several schools. Jamal participates in several local projects; for instance, during his time on the Muslim American Advisory Council, he consistently advocated for Yonkers’ interests. He attempted to publicize Islamic celebrations in Yonkers’ public schools. Jamal is a committed supporter of the NAGC’s mission to recognize and reward outstanding government communication professionals.

Shelton Haynes on The Appointment of Akeem Jamal as Assistant Vice President of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation

The excitement the Roosevelt Island President and CEO felt for Akeem’s new role was palpable. Shelton J. Haynes said in an interview that Jamal has the expertise and talents necessary to change the island for the better. The CEO said that after working with Akeem and implementing his ideas for Roosevelt Island, the island would soon become a key attraction for most people. The President continued, saying that in the short time that Akeem Jamal has been acting assistant vice president of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, he has shown he is worthy of the post via his effort and labor.

Akeem said that he values his time as acting assistant vice president of communication and government affairs for Roosevelt Island and that he and his colleagues are doing all they can to raise the island’s status. Jamal’s new boss at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, vice president and general counsel Gretchen Robinson, agrees that the hire was good.