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Leading Academy – IM Academy

The IM Academy is among the foreign exchange industry leaders; the organization’s creators are passionate about training the world on Forex Trading and adding value to those who interact with them. Christopher Terry is the organization’s Chief Executive Officer, while Isis Torre is the Chief Financial Officer; the two founded the company to help others learn about forex trading. Isis and Terry operate from their head office located in New York.

However, if the Academy works remotely, the office only provides space for other staff members. The remote operation has helped the firm to deal with foreign exchange experts from across the world with no restriction of boundaries because they work online. At the same time, the school has been saving on office space and other office expenses.

IM Academy is an international educational institution working with various organizations in different countries to facilitate forex trade training. The firm’s management works with countries that offer risk management and tax advantage. IM teaches its students through pre-recorded videos and live content, the teachings are done systematically, and the modules are known as academies; the academies are divided into four modules.

IM Academy gives students additional options on top of the academies that come as a discount; the discount is known as an elite Academy. The discounted academies are offered at 54% and 48 % on monthly subscriptions; this is an added advantage to students because it gives them a chance to save compared to purchasing the academies as a program.

IM also suggests adding particular, higher-level classes at any time during your payment. These add-on enlightening units provide a deep dive into exact and more focused areas of attention once a student has learned the fundamentals of each Academy and has advanced a specific interest in one or more dedicated regions. Some of the adds-on are included in the units; the students can choose to buy them differently. See this page for more information.


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