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Immensa is a Technology Company

Immensa is a technology company with the new smart energy product to make homes and businesses safer, smarter, and more efficient. The product is designed to cut down on 99% of carbon emissions in buildings, while also helping to lower utility bills by up to 50% by automatically adjusting windows and doors. This can save millions of dollars every year for residents and allows them to more easily control the temperature inside their home or office. With the plethora of benefits that are associated with Immensa, it is no wonder the demand for this new technology has risen so fast. When the company released their first prototype in late 2013, they were able to raise $3 million in a seed round of funding within just 4 months of becoming public.

In early 2014, Immensa officially launched their new AM product with an initial production run of 5000 units. They already had plans to expand their reach and its availability throughout the nation, but had no idea that demand for this product was about to explode so quickly. In fact, it is suspected that the company has been contacted by over 1,000 potential customers since launching their product and are currently finishing up negotiations with those interested parties. That would bring their total number of orders to 3 times their initial run, which was nearly 50% higher than they had expected.

As a result of this rapid success, the company plans on increasing production by 1000 units per month over the course of the next year. In addition to that, they have decided to immediately drop the price down to just $199. This move is designed to not only meet demand, but also begin expanding into markets like California and Florida. The company believes that it will be able to expand even further if it can reach these new markets and will make these moves with an eye toward achieving those goals in 2015.

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