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IM Academy Introduces More People to Forex Trading

IM Academy is a platform for everyone interested in learning how to trade in Forex. The platform started in 2013 and has already had more than 225,000 subscribers who have benefitted from the courses they have on their platform. The success of the platform lies in how they structure their courses. Students can learn everything from the basics to the most advanced trading tactics in four programs.

In the first program, the FRX Academy, students learn the basics of Forex in 76 video modules. Here, the students learn the definition of Forex, the history, the Forex pairs, how to buy and sell, bidding and asking, trends and much more. The second program/academy is the HFX academy that covers high frequency exchange. Students will learn the methods of HFX, analysis, strategies, leverage, margins, order types, and spread.

In the third academy, the DCX academy, IM Academy introduces the students to digital currency exchange. Here, the student will learn more about digital currency and how to trade the currency. They will also learn the blockchain, valuation, and market volatility. There are 25 pre-recorded videos for this program alone. The last program is the ECX Academy that focuses on e-commerce trading, how the students can start, and grow an e-commerce business. In this academy, the students will learn the basics of e-commerce, starting with how to set up a business, how to make online products trend, processing of payments, and providing customer service. There are several other add-ons and discount programs to help the students get better at trading.

Besides the instructional videos that students access with every program above, IM Academy offers GoLive sessions where experts guide students into applying the knowledge they learn in every video. During these sessions, the student can enter a live trading session and test the skills they learn. Click here for more information.


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