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How Amy’s Kitchen Is Improving the Lives of Parents and Children One Meal at a Time

Amy's KitchenA recent survey published by Amy’s Kitchen, a privately-held, California-based company and a leading distributor of organic and vegetarian frozen foods, reveals more Americans are curious about vegan and vegetarian foods, especially those with young children who suffer from allergies. In a survey of 2,000 Americans, the company found that roughly 69% of parents struggle to find easy-to-prepare meals they feel good about feeding their kids.  Vegan and vegetarian foods offer solutions to both problems as they are convenient, great-tasting, and versatile. What’s more, they’re safe.  According to officials with Amy’s, none of the company’s foods contain meat, peanuts, fish, shellfish, or eggs, all of which are common food allergens in the U.S.  For these reasons, more and more parents are making vegan and vegetarian meals a must-have for their children and themselves.

Additional Factors That Are Motivating People To Make Smarter and Healthier Food Choices

Delving deeper into why more Americans are choosing to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, the same survey published by Amy’s Kitchen notes 55% of respondents said they are doing so for the health benefits. Meanwhile, 34% said they are doing so to save the environment, and 28% said it’s because they enjoy the taste of plant-based ingredients.

What Does the Future Hold for Amy’s Kitchen?

Amy's KitchenWith more people making vegan and vegetarian foods part of their diet, Amy’s is getting their fair share of the nearly $6 billion vegan and vegetarian market. The company is doing so well that it recently added to its executive team. According to an article published by Food Business News, an online resource for news and market information relative to the food and beverage industry, these executive team positions include a newly named chief supply chain officer, vice president of supply chain planning, senior director of engineering, and vice president of human resources. So from the looks of things, the future seems quite bright for Amy’s, a company that has made it their mission to help parents and their children lead healthier lives one meal at a time.