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Entrepreneurial Expertise Of Qiangdong Liu, founded by Liu Qiangdong, began as a booth and has since grown to become the world’s third largest internet company. Richard lists his professional and business accomplishments on his resume, resulting in more money.

As a business owner, he has realized his ambitions by combining sound judgment with strong moral values. Throughout the process, Liu Qiangdong has emphasized the importance of providing excellent customer service and using business to do good.

His Childhood Life

The CEO was born in a dry coal area about 700 kilometers south of Beijing to a family of Chinese peasant farmers. His family was involved in farming. Liu grew up in a poor family in the small village of Chang’an, where they survived on a single crop of sweet potatoes and four months of corn each year.

Liu’s grandmother would go to the local farmer’s co-op and pay the vendor peanuts to buy the fattiest cut of pork he had once or twice a year so Liu could try it.

Richard Liu often fantasized about being able to feed everyone in his village with pork after seeing how much the village chief’s house always had. Animal fat that had been rendered would be saved and used to season other foods throughout the year.

Liu Qiangdong

Ancestors of the Qiangdong family were wealthy ship owners who transported goods from Beijing to Hangzhou via the old imperial canal and the Yangtze River. However, the family had to relocate at least twice and lost everything they had ever owned.

Qiangdong claims that how his parents and grandparents raised him taught him much about right and wrong. They accomplished this by informing him that they, too, had been wealthy but had spectacularly lost all of their wealth. Qiangdong claims that his family instilled a strong sense of right and wrong. Visit this page for related information.


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