Amy’s Kitchen Survey Shows Over Half of Americans Are Interested in a Vegan Lifestyle

Amy's KitchenA quick sneak at any restaurant menu will reveal that plant-based food options are on the rise. Amy’s Kitchen, a vegetarian and vegan frozen food brand, has known that plant-based foods would be the wave of the future for over a decade. What started out in a small scratch kitchen is now a major brand with food in every major grocery retailer across the country.

In order to support the shift in dieting, Amy’s Kitchen decided to survey Americans from across the US to see why so many people are opting to go meatless. They found that a lot of people are interested in the vegan lifestyle, even if they are not yet ready to take the leap. Interestingly enough, ⅔ of parents said the vegan lifestyle also intrigued them which is of note since parents are usually looking for quick and easy meal solutions.

According to the same survey, a little over half of all adults are curious about the vegan lifestyle, but about the same amount reported that they needed shortcuts to take more advantage of serving plant-based meals to their families.

Amy's KitchenAnother interesting note from the survey is why people chose to go meatless. Most people considered their health when choosing a vegan or vegetarian meal while an additional third reported that they wanted more environmentally friendly meals. A final third stated that they just liked the taste of products that are plant-based.

The Chief Culinary Officer of Amy’s Kitchen, Fred Scarpulla, stated that the survey shows that whether adults are ready to leap into a vegetarian lifestyle fully yet or not, they can choose their frozen foods as a great segway into the diet.