Alliance Defending Freedom: Protecting Freedom and Championing Constitutional Rights

Alliance Defending Freedom is a prominent legal organization dedicated to safeguarding religious freedom, free
speech, marriage and family, parental rights, and the sanctity of life.  

Founded in 1994 as Alliance Defense Fund, ADF has emerged as a champion for Christian values
and constitutional rights, with a commitment to defending the rights of people
from diverse faiths and backgrounds. Their work extends beyond the borders of
the United States, actively advocating for religious minority groups facing
persecution and violence. 

At the core of ADF’s mission lies a fundamental belief in the importance of religious freedom
for all individuals. A notable case that underscores this principle is Arlene’s
Flowers v. State of Washington. In this case, a floral artist was sued for her
refusal to create a floral arrangement for a same-sex wedding, based on her
belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman. ADF argues that
individuals should not be compelled to compromise their personal beliefs and
should be free to act in ways consistent with their faith without fear of
government punishment. A similar case involving a graphic designer in Colorado
is currently on ADF’s docket. 

Alliance Defending Freedom been at the forefront of defending students’ civil rights in
schools. One such case involved Michelle Gregoire, a college student who was
arrested for distributing small copies of the Constitution on an outdoor
walkway. ADF successfully argued that her actions were protected under freedom
of speech, highlighting the importance of upholding constitutional rights in
educational institutions. 

The impact of ADF’s work is evident in their extensive list of victories at the Supreme Court.
Since 2011, they have directly represented various organizations and
individuals in 14 Supreme Court victories and have been involved in 72 Supreme
Court victories overall. These victories have ranged from defending the rights
of family-owned businesses to challenging discriminatory policies in town

Recognized for their efforts, ADF International holds accreditation from esteemed institutions
such as the UN Economic and Social Council, the European Parliament and
Commission, and the Organization of American States. Their participatory status
with the EU’s Agency for Fundamental Rights showcases the significant role they
play in promoting and protecting fundamental freedoms globally. 

Alliance Defending Freedom’s dedication to constitutional principles and their unwavering defense
of fundamental rights has made them a prominent force in the legal realm.
Regardless of the ever-changing political landscape, ADF remains steadfast in
their commitment to upholding the Constitution and ensuring that the principles
upon which the United States was founded are preserved for future generations. Visit
this page for more information. 


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