Matthew Fleeger’s Admirable Leadership at Gulf Coast Western Reviews

Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger’s Admirable Leadership at Gulf Coast Western Reviews

Gulf Coast Western is an American energy firm that has been in operation over forty years; through all the ups and down that have always made the oil and gas industry a cutthroat environment marred with endless risks, the firm has always managed to not only stay afloat but get past major obstacles.

Gulf Coast Western Reviews

At the company’s helm is Matthew Fleeger, a savvy businessman who was once the founder of a prominent medical waste management company. When Matthew Switched industries, he brought a wealth of knowledge from his previous venture that allowed him to keep his family business stable through various global crises.

As CEO and President, Mr. Fleeger has implemented a business model that utilizes partnerships, scientific research data, and multiple income streams to form a dynamic series of operations highlighting risks and potentials, which helps determine the appropriate talents to utilize.

Matthew Fleeger understands that the energy industry can be an emotional roller coaster for the faint-hearted, so he deliberately avoids dwelling on the negative in favour of being objective enough to observe and identify when to cut an asset off or hold on to it a bit longer.

As part of Gulf Coast Western income diversification strategy, Matthew Fleeger has also moved to acquire ventures in alternative industries like the two tanning companies that now generate almost $100 million yearly.

Matt FleegerThe stability displayed by Gulf Coast Western under Matthew’s leadership has earned the company an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau over multiple years. Its good reviews that attract new investors to the company and inspire them to invest in successful ventures under other partners of the same company.

Matthew Fleeger admits he has made mistakes with his company more than once. Still, from his perspective, each of them was an opportunity for him to learn important lessons that influenced his future decisions.

Besides gas and oil exploration, the company is heavily involved in various philanthropic campaigns.