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          Marwan Kheireddine Recap

Many people have been following Marwan Kheireddine for years. He’s had quite a success story, starting in 1999 with his company and growing it to be the biggest telecommunications company in Lebanon and Marwan Kheireddine AM Bank.

Now he’s turned his attention to education and helping out Lebanon’s youth to achieve what he did. He has created an educational venture fund that focuses on investing in young Lebanese entrepreneurs aged 18-25 that have innovative ideas and can bring those ideas to life through entrepreneurship.

He is investing in the Lebanese youth through a startup formation assistance program and sponsoring Lebanese credit cards startups trying to break into the international marketplace. He sees the Lebanese youth as a source of future innovation and economic wealth but is given little opportunity to succeed.

Marwan Kheireddine had been one of Lebanon’s most successful businessmen. His most notable success was building Lebanon Telecom from a small mobile phone company into the largest telecommunications company in the Middle East.

Now he’s turning his attention to education and helping out Lebanon’s youth to achieve what he did.

He expects the youth to lead Lebanon through a period of social, political, and economic transformation. He understands that to create this future, the youth of Lebanon will have to be supported by their society.

Marwan Kheireddine believes that entrepreneurship is the best way to reach Lebanese youth. Development and entrepreneurship are mechanisms that will grow the youth in the right direction and provide them with opportunities.

It is how he wants young people to see business as a vehicle for personal and professional growth.

He also believes that young Lebanese entrepreneurs are looking for inspiration and community. He wants to give them the tools and resources to help them achieve these goals. With his startup formation assistance program, Marwan intends to do just that.

Marwan’s perceived solution is the seed capital to provide young Lebanese entrepreneurs with a foothold in the Lebanese economy through international markets. The investors will offer guidance, connections, and connections back home.

His goal is to make a difference in Lebanon’s startup environment, create jobs for young Lebanese entrepreneurs, connect Lebanese startups with the world, and make heart-warming investments to bring value to Lebanon’s youth. Learn more information about Marwan Kheireddine