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Kfir Gavrieli Has Made Sure That The World Is Becoming Better Off

Most people look to others to provide the basis of how they do good for the world and provide assistance that way. Kfir Gavrieli is not that sort, as he sees problems and comes up with his own solutions that work. The founder and CEO of the female apparel brand Tieks has built a company that makes millions via his online only company, and then turned this into a chance to help others. The main way he has been helping others is by providing microloans to women entrepreneurs via the Gavrieli Foundation, which works with KIVA for this necessary work.

During the pandemic, Kfir Gavrieli found out that the people in the hospitals that were providing so much of the help to patients did not have enough face masks. He thought about it and bought a bunch of sewing machines so that he and his employees could start making as many needed masks as possible.

He got together with other companies and found ways to get N95 masks together to date when the frontline people needed those for their job. Not only that, but Kfir Gavrieli then started providing incentives for those who produced a certain number of masks to be given out to help.

There are few times that people who have possible solutions have the money to enact the changes that are needed, and most with the money know specifically what is needed. This is not the case with Kfir Gavrieli and this translates into many people being helped that would never have a chance to get beyond what their station allows for.

While the word hero is used to describe many things that have no impact on others in a real way, this is not the case for Gavrieli and this shows by the people that have a chance because of his work. Go here for related information.


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