Have A Great Vacation In Napa Valley

Why Choose Traveling Vineyard
Traveling Vineyard is a company that was established in 2001. This company was established by individuals who wanted to help others to experience a wine tasting adventure without having to go to a vineyard. There are individuals who may not have a vineyard close by to them, and there are other individuals who prefer to have a nice glass of wine at their home while they are surrounded by friends and family.

With that concept in mind, Traveling Vineyard has been able to acquire over 5000 independent representatives. These representatives are individuals who are able to receive wine classes in order to better educate their clients. These wine classes educate clients in order to help them to recognize differences in wine and to help them with wine pairing.

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Why Become A Wine Guide
Recently, Norcal News did an article about Napa Valley and Traveling Vineyard. Wine lovers do not have to travel all around Napa Valley in order to taste amazing wines. A Traveling Vineyard wine guide is an individual who can prep for a wine tasting party, and they guide guests through the entire wine tasting experience. An individual can become a wine enthusiast when they sign up to be an independent wine guide. The individual who schedules the wine tasting can order wine from the winery as well. A great number of individuals have found that being a wine guide has enabled them to have a flexible schedule and to learn about amazing wines.

What Else Is In Napa Valley
The article also spoke about the many different things that an individual can do when visiting Napa Valley because there is more to do than just wine tasting. If an individual likes history, then they can visit the Napa Valley Historical Society. There are also outstanding cooking classes at the Silverado Cooking School in Napa Valley. The Auberge Spa is one of the best-known spas on the West Coast. The Auberge Spa has a resort that has enjoyable activities, and it is known for its natural hot Springs. Whether an individual is a wine enthusiast or not, they can find everything that they want in Napa Valley.