Serving Inmates Through Technology-Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies we believe we are the leading organization that offers security services as well as products to correctional facilities as well as security institutions. We at Securus believe in connecting people through technology as we provide innovative solutions for the correctional sector. Our organization was created in 1986 and since our inception, we have been growing our portfolio and reaching more clients in the c correctional field. We have our Headquarters locate d in Dallas, Texas, and other regional offices located in other areas among them; Carrolton, Allen, Texas, and Atlanta Georgia. We have major responsibility for managing the communication system of all our clients including other services such as payment products as well as other services to inmates their families and friends.

According to a statement released by our Chairman who is also the Chief Executive Officer of our organization; Mr. Richard Smith, Securus Technologies have been working hard to ensure that they deliver quality services. To achieve their mission and vision we have been developing new products every week. Our services are liable and convenient and we have been receiving letters and emails from our happy clients. Some of the letters are listed below;

  • One of our customers mentioned about the LBS services and said it was reason enough for them to continue using our security services.
  • Our telephone calls recording helped one of our clients who said after listening to an inmate conversation with their siblings they got enough information to be used as evidence in court.
  • Our telephone records as well as services have also assisted correctional facilities to monitor issues on drug and alcohol sale.
  • One of our customers was happy to inform us that with our help they were able to arrest one of their staff members who was accused of contraband and was a reigned in court.

We believe in quality services and products and we are serving more than 3450 correctional facilities and over 1200000 inmates across Northern America.


Securus Saved My Brother’s Life

My brother is currently behind bars. We don’t need to discuss what he did, but he was convicted of a nonviolent crime. Unfortunately, he was thrown into a jail with a lot of other violent offenders. It goes without saying that he does not feel very comfortable.


Some of the things you’ve heard about prison are true. There are little clicks or gangs that all keep to themselves. Occasionally these small groups will start fighting each other and even plan on murdering each other. But here’s the crazy thing — my brother can’t tell on any of these people or else he will become a rat. Rats are usually killed inside the prison.


Instead of telling the prison guards about a recent plan to attack and kill in inmates, he simply told me over the phone. He kept telling me that there was going to be violence and he used specific names and times. He asked me what he should do and I told him that he should keep his head down in order to stay safe.


That is when I turn to law enforcement and ask them to listen to that particular phone call. Securus is the telecommunications provider for that prison and they record every single phone call made. They quickly used their software that could look up the phone call so that law enforcement could review the information. I was later told that the information was used to prevent the attack.


My brother was so thankful that there was not any violence inside his prison. This technology from Securus really let him off the hook. He did not have to tell anybody about the planned violence but I was able to relay this information to law enforcement nonetheless. I will be forever grateful to Securus Technologies and their innovations.


How We Use Securus Technologies System to Control Gangs

Our prison has a huge population of gang members who are trying to earn respect from officers, other inmates, and even their own members. They have a pecking order in prison and if you cross a line, you could ignite a riot of epic proportions. Me and my fellow inmates live by the credo at work that if the inmates give us respect, we will return the same.


In recent years we have seen the violence in our jail escalate in the gang sectors, and it can be contributed to a number of factors. The population in the jail is exploding, the number of rival gangs in our jail is growing, and the availability of contraband in the jail has grown to dangerous levels. We can not control the first two, but we do have the availability to stop the flow of contraband into the hands of these inmates.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the phone call monitoring system installed in the jail we use to closely listen to inmates making calls. This is a resource we have used in the past to help us to prevent crimes and to gather evidence for fugitives outside the jail, but now it was becoming an important part of controlling gang violence in the jail. keep the contraband from the gangs, keep the gangs from getting into violent confrontations.


When my team of officers starting listening to the inmates, we discovered quickly how they were getting low-level soldiers to bring weapons and drugs to the visitor center. We discovered how gangs were making and hiding weapons in the yard. We even picked up chatter from top-ranking gang members ordering lower-level members in jail to commit crimes.


Securus Technologies has been key in helping to keep the peace in our jail and things appear to be getting worse.