How Entrepreneur Jason Hope Wants To Help The World

Jason Hope is a native of Arizona. He made a fortune in the mobile technology industry as an entrepreneur, getting his start in 2004.

He continues to invests in the mobile technology industry and follows the overall technology market.

He is a prolific writer about the industry and shares his thoughts on a great many subjects, with a focus on the Internet of Things that he says is going to revolutionize the world in the coming years.

As Jason Hope explains it, the Internet of Things is a network of all devices being able to communicate with each other regardless of where they are. This will include not only the appliances in homes but devices in businesses as well. The Internet of Things will also involve public infrastructure such as stop lights, transportation, and street lights. The ultimate goal is to increase efficiency and convenience while reducing waste.

Another big idea that Jason Hope is involved with is the extension of life. The SENS Foundation is researching age-related disease. Expanding beyond that, the organization is researching how to stop aging itself. A few years ago, Jason Hope pledged $500,000 to the foundation’s cause. While talking about his donation, Jason Hope said that he had been following their research for quite awhile and believes the work they do is priceless. He believes that the SENS Foundation is going to change the entire field of medicine as we currently know it. He went on to say that he hoped his donation would help the company complete its research more quickly.