Brian Bonar; An Accomplished Entrepreneur and Finance Executive

Brian Bonar is an experienced entrepreneur and leader. Bonar has many years of experience in the human resource industry. Bonar went to the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Bonar later earned a Master’s degree and Doctorate from Stafford University which is located in the UK.

Bonar joined the workforce as a procurement manager at IBM. He was responsible for outsourcing motherboards. Bonar left IBM to join QMS as the director of engineering. He mobilized hundreds of software and hardware engineers to work together.

Bonar joined Adaptec as a sales manager after four years at QMS. He cooperated closely with Asian printer manufacturers. Bonar went on to start his company known as Bezier Systems. This was the first company to create a SCSI printer.

Bonar was given the post of vice president of sales and marketing at Dalrada in 1994. He held the position for a few months before his promotion to executive vice president. Brian Bonar was promoted to director in 1995 and held the role for two years. Bonar became president and chief operating officer in 1997. He became the CEO a year later. His meteoric rise continued in 1999 when he was appointed the chairman of the Board of Dalrada.

The Dalrada Financial Group specializes in outsourcing employee programs with the aim of improving business efficiency. The company has distinguished itself by offering tailored services to clients according to their needs. Some of the services that they offer include process outsourcing, finance, and insurance.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar was appointed the chief operating officer of Amanda Co. Inc in 2001. He held this position for seven years. Bonar joined Allegiant Professional Business Services as president in 2008. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

He was responsible for improving the sales and marketing departments of the business. Bonar has also served as the president of Tradeshow Products since 2008. Bonar started his most successful company known as Trucept Inc. in 2011.

The enterprise is a professional employer organization. It provides temporary staffing and insurance services for its clients. Trucept is based in San Diego. It is recognized as one of the top companies in the industry. Bonar is the current CEO and Chairman of Trucept.

His leadership has enabled the company to experience lasting success. Trucept Inc. is known for its exceptional customer service and its ability to deliver to its clients.

Brian Bonar was named the executive of the year in the Who’s Who list released by Cambridge in Finance in 2010. The prestigious award is only awarded to two men and women who are selected by a committee for their business and leadership excellence.

Bonar has worked in the finance industry for more than three decades, and this is what has made him a better leader. Some of his skills are business development, raising venture capital , mergers, and acquisition.