Securus Saved My Brother’s Life

My brother is currently behind bars. We don’t need to discuss what he did, but he was convicted of a nonviolent crime. Unfortunately, he was thrown into a jail with a lot of other violent offenders. It goes without saying that he does not feel very comfortable.


Some of the things you’ve heard about prison are true. There are little clicks or gangs that all keep to themselves. Occasionally these small groups will start fighting each other and even plan on murdering each other. But here’s the crazy thing — my brother can’t tell on any of these people or else he will become a rat. Rats are usually killed inside the prison.


Instead of telling the prison guards about a recent plan to attack and kill in inmates, he simply told me over the phone. He kept telling me that there was going to be violence and he used specific names and times. He asked me what he should do and I told him that he should keep his head down in order to stay safe.


That is when I turn to law enforcement and ask them to listen to that particular phone call. Securus is the telecommunications provider for that prison and they record every single phone call made. They quickly used their software that could look up the phone call so that law enforcement could review the information. I was later told that the information was used to prevent the attack.


My brother was so thankful that there was not any violence inside his prison. This technology from Securus really let him off the hook. He did not have to tell anybody about the planned violence but I was able to relay this information to law enforcement nonetheless. I will be forever grateful to Securus Technologies and their innovations.


Have A Great Vacation In Napa Valley

Why Choose Traveling Vineyard
Traveling Vineyard is a company that was established in 2001. This company was established by individuals who wanted to help others to experience a wine tasting adventure without having to go to a vineyard. There are individuals who may not have a vineyard close by to them, and there are other individuals who prefer to have a nice glass of wine at their home while they are surrounded by friends and family.

With that concept in mind, Traveling Vineyard has been able to acquire over 5000 independent representatives. These representatives are individuals who are able to receive wine classes in order to better educate their clients. These wine classes educate clients in order to help them to recognize differences in wine and to help them with wine pairing.

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Why Become A Wine Guide
Recently, Norcal News did an article about Napa Valley and Traveling Vineyard. Wine lovers do not have to travel all around Napa Valley in order to taste amazing wines. A Traveling Vineyard wine guide is an individual who can prep for a wine tasting party, and they guide guests through the entire wine tasting experience. An individual can become a wine enthusiast when they sign up to be an independent wine guide. The individual who schedules the wine tasting can order wine from the winery as well. A great number of individuals have found that being a wine guide has enabled them to have a flexible schedule and to learn about amazing wines.

What Else Is In Napa Valley
The article also spoke about the many different things that an individual can do when visiting Napa Valley because there is more to do than just wine tasting. If an individual likes history, then they can visit the Napa Valley Historical Society. There are also outstanding cooking classes at the Silverado Cooking School in Napa Valley. The Auberge Spa is one of the best-known spas on the West Coast. The Auberge Spa has a resort that has enjoyable activities, and it is known for its natural hot Springs. Whether an individual is a wine enthusiast or not, they can find everything that they want in Napa Valley.

Makeup Maven Doe Deere Spills Some Beauty Tea

Have you ever wondered how professional makeup people take care of their complexions, what favorite cosmetics they use, etc.?


Wonder no more because we have the founder of the hottest e-commerce brand spilling some beauty tea, so to speak.


Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime, one of the top online makeup stores around. If you’re looking for cosmetics that excite, shun tradition and properness, then this modern makeup will tickle your fancy. took a look at Doe Deere’s morning routine and how she puts her pretty self together. It’s fun when celebrities share their tips and tricks, and creative Doe Deere believes in getting her zzz’s, lots of them. She tries to sleep for nine hours each night and then drinks a glass of water to hydrate upon arising. This simple, two-step action has helped the Lime Crime creator maintain a clear and luminous complexion.


Her next step is all about stretching yoga style and includes the cat/camel pose to keep her back flexible and loose. Then it’s time for a hearty breakfast with a bowl of grits, fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice. She’s so disciplined and healthy.


Hey, where’s the shower time?


She prefers a nighttime wash because her hair will be dry and ready for styling in the morning.


Doe Deere quickly checks the calendar by phone, opens Instagram to see what’s new, and so forth. She really tries, however, to be digitally-free during the morning, so she can keep her attention on makeup, makeup, makeup and creating new gorgeous palettes.


Doe Deere cleanses her face with a rose-scented wash called Glossier, and she follows up with moisturizer from the Dr. Murad favorite, Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence.


It’s tuning in to the classic Beatles Abbey Road album as she puts on her makeup. Doe Deere balances her skin tone with foundation by L’Oreal Paris’ True Match or MAC’s Studio Fix to mattify her complexion. Then she sets her makeup with powder.


By the way, Lime Crime fans, there will be a Lime Crime foundation in the near future. Doe Deere is hard at work experimenting with formulas.


She also fills in her brows and then applies her two favorite products, blush and lipstick. Doe Deere’s go-to lippies include three from her brand’s famous Velvetines liquid matte formulas, Rustic, Red Velvet and Pink Velvet. The bolder the better for Doe Deere.


As far as doing her long and at the moment purple locks, Doe Deere uses a curling wand to enhance her shiny, bouncy waves.


That’s it; then Doe Deere is off to work in sunny Los Angeles, ready to start creating more exotic, new, wild and crazy Lime Crime lipsticks, shadows, highlighters and more.


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