How We Use Securus Technologies System to Control Gangs

Our prison has a huge population of gang members who are trying to earn respect from officers, other inmates, and even their own members. They have a pecking order in prison and if you cross a line, you could ignite a riot of epic proportions. Me and my fellow inmates live by the credo at work that if the inmates give us respect, we will return the same.


In recent years we have seen the violence in our jail escalate in the gang sectors, and it can be contributed to a number of factors. The population in the jail is exploding, the number of rival gangs in our jail is growing, and the availability of contraband in the jail has grown to dangerous levels. We can not control the first two, but we do have the availability to stop the flow of contraband into the hands of these inmates.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the phone call monitoring system installed in the jail we use to closely listen to inmates making calls. This is a resource we have used in the past to help us to prevent crimes and to gather evidence for fugitives outside the jail, but now it was becoming an important part of controlling gang violence in the jail. keep the contraband from the gangs, keep the gangs from getting into violent confrontations.


When my team of officers starting listening to the inmates, we discovered quickly how they were getting low-level soldiers to bring weapons and drugs to the visitor center. We discovered how gangs were making and hiding weapons in the yard. We even picked up chatter from top-ranking gang members ordering lower-level members in jail to commit crimes.


Securus Technologies has been key in helping to keep the peace in our jail and things appear to be getting worse.


Searching for a BMW and How Beverly Hills Auto Can Help

When buying a used BMW, one thing that is important is the history of the vehicle, which can be obtained through a Carfax, a feature that the Beverly Hills Auto Group also uses.

A used BMW will cost less than a new one, have lower cost for insurance and other registration costs, and will avoid any dealership fees or other fees you find buying new.

You might shop for a used BMW if you only have so much to spend, and do not need newer technology featured in a new BMW.

The Beverly Hills Auto group started in 1969, and has options for different venders, helping customers get approved for a vehicle. They also offer only 5-star rated cars at the Beverly Hills Auto Group, and hand-select their inventory, making customizations and add-ons easier.

More information on the Beverly Hills Auto Group can be found here.

Bumble Creating A Real Life Space For Dates

Bumble is becoming the best app for dating in today’s generation. With the way women are given social power on who they choose to speak to, the app is constantly being represented as the feminist app.

The way the dating app works is simple and easy to follow, making it perfect for anybody looking to start dating. Bumble, as feminist app, however, wants to take the way it works to a whole new level. For a month-long project, they are creating a real life location in New York for dates and other get togethers to take place in the city. If you match with a date and want to take the meeting to some place public, try the new real life Bumble space. It’s the perfect place for a Bumble date.

The location is also being considered for other special events on relationships, friendships, and even female empowerment. The location is perfect for those of you who live in the city and also want to make new friends. The new Bumble BFF app is slowly making its rounds as one of the best ways to make new friends. Once you’re out of college, making friends isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. It takes time and lots of social events to get out there and make those friends. This app is going to help speed up this process through some good ole’ fashion swiping. Finding a friend through this swiping process is easy to do, and you can easily meet them at this place for a good coffee to share.

Whitney Wolfe wanted to create a space for people to really get to know one another in a safe haven that was also owned by the app. She wanted a space where people could meet without having to be out in public and afraid of the judgement they might receive if people were to guess they met on a dating app.

Bumble has been in business long enough to know that men and women need a safe place to meet up for the very first time. This real life space is just what we all need for Bumble.

Check YouTube for more information about Whitney Wolfe.

How OSI Group Grew From A Family-owned To A Privately-Owned Business Under Sheldon Lavin’s Tenure

Sheldon Lavin is a finance executive and businessperson. At eighty-one years of age, he runs the strategic planning endeavors for OSI Group as the CEO. Lavin’s professional journey began in the financial sector. After working in the sector for over four decades, he joined OSI Group’s executive team.

OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is regarded as one of the influential people in the leadership team of OSI Group. He became an Executive of OSI when the company’s products were only distributed to local retailers. Today, the company is among the top producers of meat products in the world. OSI Group has also established subsidiaries in seventeen countries with high GDP. These include Mexico, Brazil, China, and Germany. Sheldon Lavin is also an expert in mergers and acquisitions. One of the companies that OSI Group bought under Lavin’s leadership is Baho Food.

Under Sheldon Lavin’s CEO tenure, OSI Group was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the largest privately-owned American ventures. Besides his CEO role, Lavin is currently the proprietor of the Forbes-listed company. With its head office in Aurora, OSI Group started its operations in 1970 as Otto & Sons, a family-owned business venture. It was renamed to OSI after Lavin bought the firm’s shares from the previous owners. The firm’s processed meat items include hot dogs, sausage, pork, and cooked beef.

Global Visionary Award

Due to his ambition to grow OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin was awarded a Global Visionary Award. A representative of India-based Vision World Academy presented the prestigious award to Lavin during the fifth annual Global Visionary Award ceremony. The prestigious accolade usually honors business executives who have been instrumental in shaping the growth of companies.

Sheldon Lavin won the award because of his efforts that enabled OSI Group to open offices in 60 locations across the globe. In India, the company’s products reach clients through a subsidiary known as OSI-Vista Processed Food. Since 1995, OSI-Vista has excelled in distributing products like vegetables, fruits, and processed meat to customers based on their demands. Sheldon Lavin is also the CEO of the branch, which operates in eight different locations in India.

Eva Moskowitz Takes Success Academy Charter Schools To Greater Heights

Eva Moskowitz has been living in Harlem since long. She is married and has three children. She is the founder of Success Academy Charter Schools. Currently, she is serving as the CEO here. These are having the best performance among the students in New York City.



Eva Moskowitz had launched her first school in 2006. This was in Harlem. Within nine years, this network has grown. Now it includes 32 schools. They are serving over 9,000 children. These schools are spread all across the Bronx and Brooklyn. They are in Manhattan as well as Queens too.



These Success Academy charter schools are serving the poor population. But they are also consistently outperforming the schools in the affluent districts. Their flagship is the Harlem school. In 2012 it was chosen as a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education.



Eva Moskowitz was serving in the New York City Council as a member. This is where her journey for educational reform started. She was the chair of this Education Committee. This was when she visited a large number of city schools. Her investigatory hearings were highly popular here. Eva Moskowitz explored all aspects of public education here. She was concerned about the quality of lighting in classrooms to the quality of teachers. She looked into the insignificant as well as controversial things too.



Eva Moskowitz made use of her experience while designing the unique school design of Success Academy Charter Schools. Even the teaching, as well as curriculum here, is based on her experiences.



She is a strong advocate for national reforms. She completed her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. She has done her Ph.D. in American history. This was from the Johns Hopkins University. Eva Moskowitz has been a professor of history. She has been teaching civics at Prep for Prep. This refers to a program that has been designed for those minority students who are gifted.



Eva Moskowitz is concerned about the fact that thousands of children are going to schools that are failing at all levels. These do not provide opportunities to learn.