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IM Academy: Your Perfect Online Forex Education Partner

Foreign Exchange (FOREX) is an increasing business idea in the modern business world. Millions of people are now shifting towards trading in foreign exchange. However, being a successful FOREX trader requires technical skills that not everyone possesses. The limited knowledge about trading in FOREX available online doesn’t help either, leaving the potential entrepreneurs with no other option than to take a training course in FOREX trading.

However, with the ongoing pandemic, busy schedules, and demand for convenience, most people can’t sit in a physical classroom and take a FOREX course. If this is your current dilemma, worry no more, as IM Academy is here for you.

IM Academy is an online FOREX trainer who provides virtual digital educational products and services to sharpen your trading skills in foreign exchange. A course at the IM Academy involves live, and interactive content supported by a comprehensive library of app-based and pre-recorded data and information to guide you about training in foreign exchange.

In 2013, Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry founded it – independent and reputable entrepreneurs and FOREX experts. Their goal was to provide the crucial Forex training in an accessible, convenient and affordable way possible – online. The company has its headquarters in New York – where it remains a legally registered cooperation.

IM Academy has grown immensely over the past eight years and currently boasts more than 225000 active subscribers using its products and services.

The growth has led to the inclusion of many other subsidiary entities which were previously unavailable, including international markets, registering legal entities in areas with regulatory requirements, and where registering entities offer tax advantages and risk management.

The company has always maintained a remote working environment for its personnel, bringing a range of benefits. These benefits include saving money – office space and expenses linked to corporate real estate – while utilizing world-class talent from all parts of the world. Visit this page for additional information.


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