High Profile CEO Alex A Molinaroli Staying Active

Alex A Molinaroli is the former CEO of Johnson Controls and is currently living a retired life. Each and every morning Alex A Molinaroli begins his day with a cup of hot coffee and he turns on a financial station, usually CNBC. CNBC likes to keep up with everything financial and generally doesn’t enjoy political news from political sources. He prefers getting his news through a financial channel instead of the other options available. Alex A Molinaroli watches CNBC because he knows many of the faces that pop up daily on the channel.

When Molinaroli was a businessman, he was the CEO of Johnson Controls and oversaw a merger with Tyco International. He was the one who helped pave the way for the capital allocation process at Johnson Controls’. This move helped to shift the current business from an automotive supplier to a high-level industrial company. There were many resources Alex A Molinaroli found to be helpful in his daily work life. He finds that one of the most important things is to care for people and always make an effort to stay connected. He understands his work life is not as involved as it has been in the past, yet he remains current and in-network with all his coworkers.

Staying knowledgeable and engaged in the business world and understanding what the media is talking about is what he finds the most interesting and important. Waiting to hear news from the media, rather than staying engaged can lead to being behind on the information curve. Over the years, Molinaroli has developed strong connections with many highly intelligent business people, and these resources are the most impactful on him to this day. Molinaroli believes there is no correct way to do business, rather he sees each approach as different and valid. Continue reading articles at The Wall Street Journal