Elysium Health: Advancing Research in Longer, Healthier Living

One might think that a pill designed to fight off aging would be one of the most lucrative and easy-to-sell products of all time. However, in the real world, drug sales in the United States are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, a governmental body that takes a very dim view of medicine sold without conclusive evidence that it works.

Unfortunately for Elysium Health, manufacturers of the Basis pill, the very nature of such a product means it would literally take a lifetime to prove that it works. That’s why they’re marketing Basis as a “nutraceutical”: a supplement without clinical trials or FDA approval.
This approach has allowed Elysium to take Basis to market in a timely manner, but don’t take it to mean there’s no science behind the pill. Basis contains a chemical precursor to a compound known as NAD, which is crucial to successful life extension experiments in mice.

MIT biologist and Elysium Chief Scientist, Leonard Guarente, sees this unique approach as the only way to gather information on potential long term health solutions while maintaining a functional business.

“You have high-end prescription drugs up here, which are expensive,” said Guarente “And you have the nutraceuticals down there, which are a pig in a poke—you don’t know what you’re getting and you don’t know a lot about the science behind them. There’s this vast space in between that could be filled in a way that’s useful for health maintenance.”

Since its founding in 2014, Elysium Health has worked tirelessly to fulfill their mission: solving “the biggest challenges in health with science, to help people live healthier, longer.” Along with marketing their Basis pill, Elysium’s Scientific Advisory Board participates in varied fields including biochemistry and neuroscience as well as working as regulatory officials and clinicians. This hands-on experience helps them guide Elysium’s scientific direction to better serve its mission.

Although their internal R&D is formidable, Elysium Health also partners academic institutions to further global understanding of the challenges facing healthcare innovation. They work with Cambridge’s Milner Therapeutics Institute to solve problems in aging and cognitive and metabolic health. A four-year partnership with Harvard University’s T. H. Chan School of Public Health contributes to studies in aging, cellular function, and the gut microbiome. They’ve also partnered with the Oxford University Medical Science Division to create the Oxford-Elysium Prize Fellowship in Cellular Health, an award for early career researchers who aim to conduct research into cellular health.

Elysium Health stands in the forefront of humanity’s fight against aging itself. Although their Basis pill is impressive, their commitment to ongoing research and partnership with academia shows that it is only the beginning: the first step in a long race that might end in the end of aging itself, forever.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is Blazing the Trail in Dental Sleep Medicine

After a heavy work during the day, one of the best gifts a man could ever give himself is a good night sleep. While this is the best thing to do, few people understand the benefits of sleeping for more than seven hours a day, in fact, the older people will always advise you to sleep for fewer hours so that you have enough time to work. However, they tend to forget that the same body subjected to the work needs enough sleep to become accurate during the next end of the business solution. Perhaps this is the reason sleep-related conditions affect the older generation.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the few sleep specialists who advocate for better sleep that lasts for at least seven hours. If you sleep well during the night, you will always assimilate working solutions for the next day. Dr. Avi Weisfogel also advises that you will be more productive if you sleep for the required amount of time. For this reason, you will always have a productive day that is characterized by wakefulness. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has also treated a wide range of undesired effects that emanate from sleep deprivation. This is the reason why he is advising people to stay away from sleep deprivation.

According to Dr. Avi Weisfogel, there is no use staying awake most of your youth to make money that you will end up spending treating sleep apnea when you are old. Dr. Avi Weisfogel understands that sleep apnea is a medical condition that consumes plenty of money during treatment. Perhaps this is the reason why you can achieve the best for your accredited investment techniques in the industry.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist based in New Jersey. When Dr. Avi Weisfogel graduated from college, he founded the Old Bridge Dental Practice to extend his dental services to his clients in the region. During the first week of his service, Dr. Avi Weisfogel was faced with the first case of sleep apnea. While he had limited knowledge concerning the disease, Dr. Avi Weisfogel went on to achieve the best through massive research into the occurrence of sleep apnea.

Waiakea Water Has Engineered the World’s First Totally Degradable Plastic Bottle

The problem with plastics has been long known regarding their inability to be broken down or be degradable, and until now there has never been a solution. There is a new company that has changed all that. Waiakea Water introduces the world’s first degradable plastic bottle and plans on rolling out this new technology in the next year.

The bottle will not only be degradable but will also be recyclable as well. The company has solved the problem of plastics that have been notoriously known for lasting for thousands of years after their production, making a huge impact on the environment and our landfills. A traditional plastic bottle has an average lifespan of 1,500 years without breaking down. Waiakea Water has created a plastic bottle with a reduction in this lifespan of plastics by 98%, which means the bottle has an average lifespan of around 15 years before it breaks down.

This is a huge success, and while Waiakea has been the first to develop this new technology, it also means that the entire CPG industry can benefit from it as well.

The company uses an additive called TimePlast which makes the bottles degradable. It took five years and 1,200 experiments to create this new material to have the same qualities as traditional plastics, meaning its durability and ability to be recycled, but with the added benefit of being degradable as well.

Another challenge that the company has overcome is obtaining the world’s first and sole patent on the degradation of plastic. This is something they say that not even the largest petrochemical companies have been able to do.

Waiakea Water is a bottled water company that produces the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. Its co-founder and CEO Ryan Emmons founded the company in 2012 when he was just 22 years old. He wanted to create a product and company that was sustainable, healthy, and environmentally friendly and he has accomplished all three objectives.

The company has made massive gains, growing by about 4,000% in only 3 years. Emmons saw a gap in the industry that he wanted to fill and that was to create a company that was socially conscious. With gains of 170% annual the company’s value stands at about $10 million dollars.

The water is taken from the source and is rich in many minerals including, magnesium, potassium, and calcium and it is also alkaline, which is a huge benefit for those who are health conscious. The water passes through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock and it comes from one of the purest sources on Earth.

A Look at Monkey Capital and Its Managing Partner, Daniel Mark Harrison

Monkey Capital, a decentralized hedge fund, invests in Blockchain systems as well as SpaceX supply contracts. It is known to be the very first ICO to sell the pre-ICO options successfully. This company has got an exceptional blend of excellent operations, all-stars management team, and not forgetting compelling projects. It adds a deep value in the Blockchain networks investing and in this way produces Ethereum-style gains. Monkey Capital has managed to receive very high ratings from Chris Waltzek, the nationally-syndicated radio host.

With Daniel Mark Harrison, Monkey Capital has experienced tremendous levels of success since March 2016. The Huffington Post has since described the pre-ICO options that the company sells as “billion dollar baboon.” The company made history when it created the very first Crowdfunding Option. Monkey Capital in this way created a name for itself by leading the way as another trail behind regarding meaningful innovation.

Daniel Mark Harrison’s Career 
Daniel Mark Harrison is a famous entrepreneur and author who is one of the most recognized global authorities on millennial culture, business, and international events. He is an Asia-based thinker, entrepreneur, professional negotiator, writer, and technology evangelist. Today, Harrison serves as a Managing Partner at Monkey Capital. He is also a renowned media proprietor, and he came to the limelight in this field two years ago when he successfully launched two widely-read online publications.

Besides being a Managing Partner at Monkey Capital, Harrison also serves as the CEO and the Chairman of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. (DMH&CO), which is a Family Office operating in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. He has widely been mentioned and published in TheStreet.com, Forbes and such online dailies like The Daily Dot. Harrison has also been a frequent guest on many business news channels including CNN, Bloomberg, and Reuters.

The most recent publishing venture by Harrison is the founding of MarxRand. MarxRand is a news site that has since been steadfast in breaking various stories that have not been covered by the mainstream media. He has been writing hundreds of articles for publication by global news publishers like Forbes, Portfolio Magazine, and The Washington Post among others.

Louis Chenevert’s Lasting Legacy at UTC

Louis Chenevert currently serves as an advisor of Marketing Banking Division for Goldman Sachs. He is a French-Canadian who has served various top positions in organizations while pursuing his career. His working experience gained him leadership experiences alongside earning him an incredible reputation in the corporate world. Mr. Louis was privileged to attend Université de Montréal-HEC where he graduated with a degree in production management. He has served various organizations as a chairman and board of directors as well as a member, which include American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Business Roundtable, Cargill, Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Brand and Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

The French-Canadain started his career as a production general manager General Motors branch that is situated in St. Therese. Louis Chenevert performed his duties for fourteen years before leaving the company. He later joined Pratt and Whitney, a branch of United Technologies Corporation, in 1993. He worked with Pratt and Whitney for six years before being employed as the president of the entire division in 1999. Louis success as a leader landed him an employment opportunity at United Technologies Corporation as the president and later elected as the chief executive officer in 2006.

Since the entrance of Louis Chenevert into the company, the firm increased its production yield making it expand its business as well as acquiring several projects. His experience in the corporate world and leadership positions he held earned him an incredible reputation, which made him receive several offers from employers. Louis assisted UTC to in purchasing Goodrich that was worth $18.4 billion. Currently, the company boasts of being the sole supplier of the F-35 engine because of Chenevert. Other projects that Louis single out are the geared turbofan engine, the GTF engines. He also spearheaded UTC’s Sikorsky to be among the largest manufacturer of helicopters in the United States.

His forward-thinking approach in managing the corporation was the excellent leadership style of Louis while he was the chief executive officer. UTC offers scholarship programs as a way of empowering its workforce. Louis Chenevert focused on investing in the right technology that promoted the growth of individuals. He retired from UTC in 2014, leaving a legacy that continues to dive the corporation.

Securus Saved My Brother’s Life

My brother is currently behind bars. We don’t need to discuss what he did, but he was convicted of a nonviolent crime. Unfortunately, he was thrown into a jail with a lot of other violent offenders. It goes without saying that he does not feel very comfortable.


Some of the things you’ve heard about prison are true. There are little clicks or gangs that all keep to themselves. Occasionally these small groups will start fighting each other and even plan on murdering each other. But here’s the crazy thing — my brother can’t tell on any of these people or else he will become a rat. Rats are usually killed inside the prison.


Instead of telling the prison guards about a recent plan to attack and kill in inmates, he simply told me over the phone. He kept telling me that there was going to be violence and he used specific names and times. He asked me what he should do and I told him that he should keep his head down in order to stay safe.


That is when I turn to law enforcement and ask them to listen to that particular phone call. Securus is the telecommunications provider for that prison and they record every single phone call made. They quickly used their software that could look up the phone call so that law enforcement could review the information. I was later told that the information was used to prevent the attack.


My brother was so thankful that there was not any violence inside his prison. This technology from Securus really let him off the hook. He did not have to tell anybody about the planned violence but I was able to relay this information to law enforcement nonetheless. I will be forever grateful to Securus Technologies and their innovations.


Have A Great Vacation In Napa Valley

Why Choose Traveling Vineyard
Traveling Vineyard is a company that was established in 2001. This company was established by individuals who wanted to help others to experience a wine tasting adventure without having to go to a vineyard. There are individuals who may not have a vineyard close by to them, and there are other individuals who prefer to have a nice glass of wine at their home while they are surrounded by friends and family.

With that concept in mind, Traveling Vineyard has been able to acquire over 5000 independent representatives. These representatives are individuals who are able to receive wine classes in order to better educate their clients. These wine classes educate clients in order to help them to recognize differences in wine and to help them with wine pairing.

Follow Traveling Vineyard on Twitter

Why Become A Wine Guide
Recently, Norcal News did an article about Napa Valley and Traveling Vineyard. Wine lovers do not have to travel all around Napa Valley in order to taste amazing wines. A Traveling Vineyard wine guide is an individual who can prep for a wine tasting party, and they guide guests through the entire wine tasting experience. An individual can become a wine enthusiast when they sign up to be an independent wine guide. The individual who schedules the wine tasting can order wine from the winery as well. A great number of individuals have found that being a wine guide has enabled them to have a flexible schedule and to learn about amazing wines.

What Else Is In Napa Valley
The article also spoke about the many different things that an individual can do when visiting Napa Valley because there is more to do than just wine tasting. If an individual likes history, then they can visit the Napa Valley Historical Society. There are also outstanding cooking classes at the Silverado Cooking School in Napa Valley. The Auberge Spa is one of the best-known spas on the West Coast. The Auberge Spa has a resort that has enjoyable activities, and it is known for its natural hot Springs. Whether an individual is a wine enthusiast or not, they can find everything that they want in Napa Valley.

Makeup Maven Doe Deere Spills Some Beauty Tea

Have you ever wondered how professional makeup people take care of their complexions, what favorite cosmetics they use, etc.?


Wonder no more because we have the founder of the hottest e-commerce brand spilling some beauty tea, so to speak.


Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime, one of the top online makeup stores around. If you’re looking for cosmetics that excite, shun tradition and properness, then this modern makeup will tickle your fancy.


SavoirFlair.com took a look at Doe Deere’s morning routine and how she puts her pretty self together. It’s fun when celebrities share their tips and tricks, and creative Doe Deere believes in getting her zzz’s, lots of them. She tries to sleep for nine hours each night and then drinks a glass of water to hydrate upon arising. This simple, two-step action has helped the Lime Crime creator maintain a clear and luminous complexion.


Her next step is all about stretching yoga style and includes the cat/camel pose to keep her back flexible and loose. Then it’s time for a hearty breakfast with a bowl of grits, fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice. She’s so disciplined and healthy.


Hey, where’s the shower time?


She prefers a nighttime wash because her hair will be dry and ready for styling in the morning.


Doe Deere quickly checks the calendar by phone, opens Instagram to see what’s new, and so forth. She really tries, however, to be digitally-free during the morning, so she can keep her attention on makeup, makeup, makeup and creating new gorgeous palettes.


Doe Deere cleanses her face with a rose-scented wash called Glossier, and she follows up with moisturizer from the Dr. Murad favorite, Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence.


It’s tuning in to the classic Beatles Abbey Road album as she puts on her makeup. Doe Deere balances her skin tone with foundation by L’Oreal Paris’ True Match or MAC’s Studio Fix to mattify her complexion. Then she sets her makeup with powder.


By the way, Lime Crime fans, there will be a Lime Crime foundation in the near future. Doe Deere is hard at work experimenting with formulas.


She also fills in her brows and then applies her two favorite products, blush and lipstick. Doe Deere’s go-to lippies include three from her brand’s famous Velvetines liquid matte formulas, Rustic, Red Velvet and Pink Velvet. The bolder the better for Doe Deere.


As far as doing her long and at the moment purple locks, Doe Deere uses a curling wand to enhance her shiny, bouncy waves.


That’s it; then Doe Deere is off to work in sunny Los Angeles, ready to start creating more exotic, new, wild and crazy Lime Crime lipsticks, shadows, highlighters and more.


Visit http://www.doedeere.com/ to learn more.

Bob Reina, from Policeman to Global Cutting-Edge Video Marketer

Many people know Bob Reina as the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, the video marketing company loved all over the world. However, Bob Rina was once a patrol police officer who would pull drivers over for more than 10 years. Believing that he had the talent to help society in a better way and feeling that his paycheck was so limiting, Reina quit the police service to start what is today a global, innovative marketing firm. Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/


Bob Reina’s Turn Around in Life


The story about how Bob Reina became a marketer is nothing but amazing. While he was working as an off-duty officer, Reina had a friend who introduced him to the network marketing idea. The inspiration that Reina could form a team to earn him a big commission and achieve success within a short time was quite impressive.


The Astonishing Journey of Talk Fusion


In 2007, Bob Reina started Talk Fusion with a revolutionary initiative, Video Email. To his advantage, Reina had enough knowledge about the intricacies of marketing and a 20-year experience in sales and promotion. Talk Fusion’s stunning success in the global arena today is attributable to Bob’s innovative skills, charisma, vision, and determination. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/TalkFusion/videos/2963037773434/


Reina is a strong believer in giving back to the family, friends, society, and charities worldwide. His $1 million donations to the Humane Society in Tampa Bay, Indonesian orphanages, and the assistance to animal charities bring out a Reina who is ever willing to transform lives and make the world better for the global community. His Independent Associates that operates in over 140 countries is carrying out charitable activities continuously, including helping Nepal earthquake and Japanese tsunami victims.


Bob says he would like to have Talk Fusion as the video marketing company using Sign-up Forms, Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, and Video Chat to help businesses realize their goals. He also talks about an incident in North Carolina in 2004 when he unsuccessfully tried sending a short video clip to his family through Email. Reina called his friend, the IT specialist Dr. Jonathan Chen, to explain his frustrations. The incident in North Carolina gave birth to Talk Fusion and a new way to how people do marketing.

How We Use Securus Technologies System to Control Gangs

Our prison has a huge population of gang members who are trying to earn respect from officers, other inmates, and even their own members. They have a pecking order in prison and if you cross a line, you could ignite a riot of epic proportions. Me and my fellow inmates live by the credo at work that if the inmates give us respect, we will return the same.


In recent years we have seen the violence in our jail escalate in the gang sectors, and it can be contributed to a number of factors. The population in the jail is exploding, the number of rival gangs in our jail is growing, and the availability of contraband in the jail has grown to dangerous levels. We can not control the first two, but we do have the availability to stop the flow of contraband into the hands of these inmates.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the phone call monitoring system installed in the jail we use to closely listen to inmates making calls. This is a resource we have used in the past to help us to prevent crimes and to gather evidence for fugitives outside the jail, but now it was becoming an important part of controlling gang violence in the jail. keep the contraband from the gangs, keep the gangs from getting into violent confrontations.


When my team of officers starting listening to the inmates, we discovered quickly how they were getting low-level soldiers to bring weapons and drugs to the visitor center. We discovered how gangs were making and hiding weapons in the yard. We even picked up chatter from top-ranking gang members ordering lower-level members in jail to commit crimes.


Securus Technologies has been key in helping to keep the peace in our jail and things appear to be getting worse.